A huge appeal is made to all parents/guardians to please pay outstanding school fees !!!!



We welcome to our Tongaat Secondary website page. The changing landscape in education and the way we disseminate knowledge has fast changed after the Covid 19 pandemic. We have to adapt to new ways of teaching and learning. A new dynamic method that is popular with learners and parents is the use of digital media.

We have therefore created this website to share knowledge on health and safety during this pandemic and to ensure that all stakeholders are fully aware of safety measures to keep safe during this uncertain times.

We have also created a platform to share lessons for each grade and each subject that can be found as pdf files on the STUDENT tab on this Home Page.

We urge all learners and parents to download content on your relevant grade and subjects and work through the lessons and excercises provided. Learners have the luxury of downloading content at their leisure and working through content and exercises at their pace so that additional learning can take place even if you are not physically at school.

PLease note that if you have an account with MWEB or VOX then all resources downloaded from this site will not require any data . All other service providers will incur data costs. We urge you to use public libraries for downloads of content should you have monetary constraints with regards to purchasing of Data.

Parents need to play an integral role in the education of their child/guardian during this 2022 academic year. 

We wish you all the best in your persuit to study safely. Please remain safe during these trying times. Remain blessed


The Covid pandemic has brought about huge change in almost every facet of our lives at Tongaat Secondary School. Great focus has been placed on safety and health of all stakeholders and our main concern is ensuring all protocols are followed and adhered.

This pandemic has however also placed a huge strain on the finances of the institution and major changes were forced on the management of the institution. The Institution depends largely on funding from Education department and income from School fees. The past 2 years has been extremely difficult as all institutions are facing huge monetary concerns. With very little funding received from department to date and non payment of school fees places a huge burden on the daily functioning of the institution.  Should you wish to assist in the efficient operation of the school, please contact Mr L. Pillai. 032 945 1426.


Please note that no external stakeholders shall be allowed in school unless urgent. An appointment must be made with the office and full health and safety protocols to be followed before any person enters the school premises.  We urge you to please assist the school in obtaining monetary assistance to ensure full functionality and efficient operation. We thank you kindly.